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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wrist Watch Cum Mobile

The desire to more has been inherent in our blood. We prefer gadgets which can do more things. the watch cum mobile introduced by burg is an amazing gadget.The benefits of a watch phone include being instantly accessible to answer calls,difficult to lose or forget,not likely to be dropped,and difficult to steal.A watch phone is a wrist watch that doubles as a mobile phone.Mobile phones on wrist watches make a great twist in Indian market.It provide all the functionality of mobile and watch.

Netherlands-based Burg that makes wrist watch mobile phones.The price of wrist watch mobile phones varies between Rs.9,000 and Rs.23,000.Then the company decide to expand their business in India by opening new branches across the country.Burg wrist watches which integrate features of a mobile.It provide the facilities like making and receiving calls and other multimedia applications.
All the wrist phone have a bluetooth connectivity and users can talk using using bluetooth headset.AGPS technology in the watch phone helps to track the location of the phone in the internet.Burg’s server sends out message to the phone which cannot be seen.Then the watch phone responds to the message and based on the time in which the server gets response, the location of user is ascertained.
The company is also decided to integrate Near Field Communication technology that can be used for transmitting data wirelessly like done in case of paying toll charges and metro rail fares using smartcard.It is also provide the facilities-text messaging facility alongside internet access,camera,video recording and other features of a smart phone today.Lowest price watch phones can be used only for the purpose of making and receiving calls.

Five models were launched-Burg 9, Burg 10, Burg 11, Burg 12 and Burg 13.Burg introduce their presence in many countries Italy, Germany,Russia, Mexico, United States of America, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Norway and Switzerland.

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